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Nyaaaah *kicks Keith*

Do not take this seriously XD please, don't. Keith's not cooperating with me, soooo... I'mma be a bother =3 *ducks*

Title: What The... Heck?
Fandom|Pairing: YGO|Honda/Keith... Punkshipping? =3 *hides*
Rating|Warning:Erm... High-G? XDDD completely utter pointlessness... (crack? Nyah)I'mma poke at Keith, because he's misbehaving, and not letting me work with him! Bwaahahahaa... erm, sorry ^^;;;

Disclaimer: Not my characters =3 *headwalls*
It wasn’t every day that Honda found himself in someone else’s car. Let alone in that someone else’s car, with that someone else straddling him, nibbling at his neck like his life depended on it.

Please, note that no life was in danger; at least none that Honda knew of.

What could he do? Honda twitched, and pursed his lips. Maybe he could scream for help; but then, did he even know how to scream?

“Ahh,” Honda tried. Then he twitched again, as Keith moaned wantonly in response, and went at it with more vigor.

Whoops, encouraging might be bad.

Done! Hah! Not really. *hides*

I still has my mission! *noddanodda**scurries*
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