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Just a couple links ^^;

Sorry, I'm a little tired ^^;;; but it wouldn't be right if I didn't do this, mayhaps? ^^;; erm, in regards to foggypebble's post... this is all I can do ^^;; sorry. Links to a few fanfics(, yepyep.

Unexpected Softness, by JudyNFran | Romance, Rated: T
Tears of an Angel , by Foxey | Romance/Adventure, Rated: K+
Proving to Myself, by Alecto Perdita | Romance/Drama, Rated: T
Kissing, by stariceling | Romance/General, Rated: T
Burnt, by samurai-ashes | Romance/Humour, Rated: T

Poetry, by Anei Aikouka | Romance/Poetry, Rated: T
Domino Nights, by Jacqueline Land | Suspense, Rated: T

Someday TT^TT someday, there'll be "too much" Morishipping *noddanodda**ducks* ^^;;

Resemblance, by by stariceling | Drama/Supernatural, Rated: T
Zugzwang, by Artemis Zephyr | Angst/Romance, Rated: M

Erm, ditto? =3 *hides*
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