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AMV, with Honda in a positive light =3 [06 Feb 2012|07:07pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Sadly I'm not really on the Chaseshipping ship anymore, mostly because there's already plenty of people on that particular ship and I'm not needed ^^;; and as anyone knows, I go for the rare ships that have Honda (i.e. Protectshipping, Stubbornshipping, etc.)... but! It's an AMV with Honda looking awesome and good and spiffy =3 basically Chaseshipping vs. Buddyshipping ^w^

Me, personally, I'm kinda glad someone used Avril Lavigne's "Girlfriend" in a Honda-sense =3 but I digress, I'mma only give the link, y' know, in case toes risk some stepping o.o;; *scurries*


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Wakey wakey, begs and achin'? [18 Dec 2011|03:17am]

[ mood | dorky ]

I figure with the holidays coming up, I shall taint the lovely Hondaments with writer's-block-induced fic... mwahahahahaha? No idea... but it might spur me on to write more block-y stuff =3 and that'll be a welcome change to doing nothing at all O.o;;

Anywho, nothing indecent, just G-rating, shounen-ai (guy/guy) stuff o_o;;

Protectshipping, I still miss it... but others are being made aware of its existence =3

Honda/Mokuba-ish?, or maybe just a crush... yeah, probably just a crush ^^ if it has a name, I can't remember what it is ^^;

That is all, hi again =3 *scurries*

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Everybody, at least glance this Honda tumblr over. [15 Nov 2011|04:21pm]

And this person updates frequently.
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Protectshipping doujinshi? [15 Nov 2011|10:33am]

Hey, I was wondering if anybody here was willing to put any protectshipping doujinshi they had on Tumblr and/or submit it to my protectshipping Tumblr. I don't know where else I could ask this. I got Blind Game Again from a website I forgot and Let's Go Hong Back Kingdom from Protective Vibes already. I would appreciate it if anyone who has doujinshi share it.

I am planning to purchase protectshipping doujinshi from doujinshi stores on ebay so I can scan and share it on my protectshipping Tumblr. If the artist of the doujinshi directly contacts me on Tumblr and can prove they're the actual artist I guess I'll take it down from Tumblr and be sad. I'm mostly wanting doujinshi so I can put it on my protectshipping Tumblr.

I am hoping that I won't have to buy protectshipping doujinshi and scan it all MYSELF because maybe SOMEONE ELSE has the same exact doujinshi and they're willing to put it online.

I'll try not to post anymore comments about my Tumblr on Hondaments after this here request.
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Looking for a morishipping sketch that I think was from this group? [27 Oct 2011|06:06pm]

I'm looking for an old morishipping fanart doodle somebody made; I think it was somebody in this group.
Anyways, it was a short comic-thing, and it went like this: Honda and Yami Bakura just got done dueling and Honda lost. Yami Bakura says something like "You know what comes next..." and Honda agrees. Then Honda's like "Don't hurt meeee!!" as Yami Bakura's grabbing Honda's arm like he's gonna drag Honda off somewhere.

Does anybody know where I can find that fanart? or, at least, does anybody remember it? I wanted to add it to my Protectshipping Tumblr..
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HB Shrine/Protective Vibes owner doujinshi? [01 Oct 2011|10:30pm]

[ mood | crushed ]

I need to know who the owner of Protectshipping fansite Protective Vibes is so I can have a word with her about using that awesome doujinshi "Let's Go Hon Bak Kingdom" and whether or not I can post some or all of the scans up on my Protectshipping Tumblr Bleep Yeah Protectshipping.
I'm not sure where else to ask this.. I'm basically hoping the owner of the site comes here.

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Cold [22 Dec 2010|10:54pm]

Title: Cold
Rating: G
Characters: Ryou and Hiroto
Summary: Ryou is cold. Hiroto knows he won't leave.
Notes: Written for ygodrabble

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Protectshipping! [28 Oct 2010|10:07pm]

Look at all the protectshipping fic guys:

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Need...more....stubbornshipping...... [01 Sep 2010|01:22am]

Recently got back into YGO fandom (did I ever stop?) and am starving from the utter lack of KaibaxHonda.  Starved I tell you.  There are so many chaseshippings and....chaseshippings and hell, even buddyshipping seems so much easier to find for some reason.  And although both of these are great, I am seriously starving for KabaixHonda, especially Kaiba as seme if sex is involved.

Do anyone have any suggestions?  Please please please?  Most KaibaxHonda I find turns into HondaxOtogi. ><

I would especially love a relatively long and completed fic that has several chapters if possible.  Would seriously love you if you find that.  (Having said that, would probably seriously love you if you find a stubbornshipping fic that I havent' already read lol)

Please help!!!!  Suggestions please!!!!!  *dies from lack of stubbornshipping*
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[07 Jul 2010|06:56pm]

[ mood | content ]

It's been a while since I've posted here.

So here's a bunch of Honda fan arts I've done, all of them either G or PG rated:





Tiny chibi Honda bawwing over losing Miho

Christmas Protectshipping

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Fanfiction site link [14 May 2010|05:01pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to put a note here that I've moved/updated the Yugioh section of my fanfiction site. Almost all of the fic there is Honda-centric. (Seriously, I have about 30 Honda/someone fics at this point.) Mostly Kaiba/Honda and Honda/Bakura, with a bunch of other assorted pairings just for fun.

Most of it is old, but I do have one brand new fic called Sickness in Dreams. It's Bakura/Honda and a sequel to the Resemblance series if anyone remembers waaaaay back when I posted that. If you're interested in that, or Chocolate Covered Honda (yum), those series are a bit down the page. I hope the layout isn't problematic. ^^;

So yay for updates! Link is here. I hope there is something in my little (ha!) stockpile of Honda fic for everyone to enjoy.

In other news: It seems lots of other fandoms are having fun with anon kink memes. Would anyone else be interested in a Honda kink meme?

EDIT: Links should work now. I'm so sorry if you tried to go look at fic and got denied because of my typo-fingers.

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Echoooo ..! [26 Feb 2010|11:12pm]

If I was the one who knocked this club into purgatory, I'm sorry. and a shame I'd have done so around Valentine's Day.. I really need to get around to drawing up a cruddy v-day protectshipping pic
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[25 Dec 2009|11:59pm]

[ mood | heaters ]

This lil' bit of writing was apparently inspired by my dumb Morishipping dream, though I'll warn you that most of the Yu-Gi-Oh! has been processed out of it & it isn't Morishipping.

Anyways, Merry Christmas, everybody! Perhaps I'll someday get around to producing something belated-Christmas-y later.. I'm sorry that I'm not more active here~

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Quick fic for Morishippers [19 Dec 2009|05:50pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

I'm doing the prompt challenge for 12daysofxxxmas again this year, and of course it just doesn't count without at least one Honda fic! This is actually for the fifth day, but I've been having internet issues. Sorry for the lateness and please enjoy! This is for the fifth day. *sings* "FIVE GOLD RINGS!" So isn't it just appropriate to feature the millennium ring for this one?

x-posted to my personal journal and 12daysofxxxmas.

Title: What Shines in the Dark
Prompt: Gold
Pairing: Yami!Bakura/Honda
Warnings: yaoi, kissing, hints of darkness
Summary: Crouched in a dark alley with Bakura is not the safest place to be, but Honda doesn't realize the exact nature of that danger just yet.

Read fic...Collapse )

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Whacked out shonen-ai dream.. [08 Dec 2009|03:35am]

[ mood | confused ]

Last night, I dreamed first about a hamster that kept crawling around and getting hidden before coming out from some other place, inside an upgraded version of that room from my latest worm-dream.
The dream I woke from was a story about Younger!Rasputin (Anastasia, Disney) resistantly developing a silly crush on Grown-Up!Tristan (Yu-Gi-Oh!, anime) who's at first playing hard to get, as he spends all his free time lounging around on floaty-devices in pools & taking casual walks around, while Rasputin traveled through his own dimension which conveniently laid beside Tristan's which allowed him to glimpse Tristan & Rasputin would get all frustrated with himself and emo-ly/stubbornly storm off and continue on his way.
Tristan was portrayed like how that talented Bardicsidhe on DevART portrays him older & lightly scruffy & muscular & calm, only this version was a little less buff and a little more soft, and I think he had greenish (first season)-brown eyes. Rasputin kinda resembles Yami no Bakura, emo-ly pale/thin & with shoulder-length pale blond hair, though dressed in weird robe-y clothes & had an ugly face like Rasputin.- keep in mind I forgot exactly what he looks like &, at the time, I forgot what his plot/character was so when he & Tristan finally met up in Tristan's world, he shyly introduced himself as "Death," a.k.a. the Grim Reaper. I'm not sure if I'm recalling correctly but I believe he was a only a few years older (Rasputin = Yami no Bakura, in this dream definitely) & he was a troubled man attempting to inherit his father's (a.k.a. Previous Death) job with as little seems as possible and was doing fairly good with the busy/invisible role, his only flaw being his interest in Tristan.. who found this being interesting & cute. I guess now they're together/friends or something.
It was cute! I woke up with a lil' amused grin. I haven't watched the movie Anastasia nor Yu-Gi-Oh! in months/years, so what da heck?
Whaddya'll think of my dream? Creepy, cute, not interesting at all? Personally, I'm not sure what to think.. and I dunno why I didn't just dream about Yami no Bakura & Tristan.. unless I've run out of plots to dream about. Or, is it just pathetic that I frequently dream about gay cartoon characters and not problems 'cause my life's too easy/simple?

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Just a couple links ^^; [03 Dec 2009|02:03am]

[ mood | tired ]

Sorry, I'm a little tired ^^;;; but it wouldn't be right if I didn't do this, mayhaps? ^^;; erm, in regards to foggypebble's post... this is all I can do ^^;; sorry. Links to a few fanfics(FF.net), yepyep.

Unexpected Softness, by JudyNFran | Romance, Rated: T
Tears of an Angel , by Foxey | Romance/Adventure, Rated: K+
Proving to Myself, by Alecto Perdita | Romance/Drama, Rated: T
Kissing, by stariceling | Romance/General, Rated: T
Burnt, by samurai-ashes | Romance/Humour, Rated: T

Poetry, by Anei Aikouka | Romance/Poetry, Rated: T
Domino Nights, by Jacqueline Land | Suspense, Rated: T

Someday TT^TT someday, there'll be "too much" Morishipping *noddanodda**ducks* ^^;;

Resemblance, by by stariceling | Drama/Supernatural, Rated: T
Zugzwang, by Artemis Zephyr | Angst/Romance, Rated: M

Erm, ditto? =3 *hides*

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Help the Google-users of the Yu-Gi-Oh fandom? [03 Nov 2009|12:35am]

[ mood | crazy ]

http://seventh-star.net/wikific/Protectshipping & http://seventh-star.net/wikific/Morishipping <--- People need to contribute fanart authors/stories to the info-pages attributed to the protectshipping/morishipping info-pages that Google weilds. Nanashi, maybe you should add links to your stories and the stories in your ff.net favorites to those pages?

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Nyaaaah *kicks Keith* [10 Oct 2009|06:34am]

[ mood | hungry ]

Do not take this seriously XD please, don't. Keith's not cooperating with me, soooo... I'mma be a bother =3 *ducks*

Title: What The... Heck?
Fandom|Pairing: YGO|Honda/Keith... Punkshipping? =3 *hides*
Rating|Warning:Erm... High-G? XDDD completely utter pointlessness... (crack? Nyah)I'mma poke at Keith, because he's misbehaving, and not letting me work with him! Bwaahahahaa... erm, sorry ^^;;;

100-words! *nudges Keith*Collapse )

I still has my mission! *noddanodda**scurries*

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Small Ficlet-dealie ^^;; [12 Sep 2009|05:33am]

[ mood | hungry ]

Erm, dedicated to RK-chan, since she offered the prompt... methinks, I am on a mission now; erm, but let's hope I can keep up with it =3 *hides*

Title: Untitled (^^;)
Fandom|Pairing: YuGiOh|Uh, this pairing doesn't seem to have a name... so, erm, I'm just gonna deem it "Punkshipping"(if it's already taken, darn) but yeah... Honda/Bandit Keith ^^;;;
Rating|Warning: G... pretty tame, very vague violence, uh, mild language(?); erm, nothing too intense to handle ^^ *ducks*

100 word Drabble ^^;;Collapse )

Annnnnnnnnnd, that's it ^^;;; onwards, lusty gentlemen! More or less? =3 *flees*

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Fic: [10 Sep 2009|12:25am]

[ mood | hungry ]

A rather lighthearted fic offering. Prompt credit goes to Nanashi for nudging me back into my Honda+Chocolate habit. *bows* Please enjoy.

Title: Fresh Out of the Oven
Pairings: hints of Kaiba/Honda, Bakura/Honda, and Yugi/Honda
Length: 1840 words
Warnings: Fluff, implied yaoi
Summary: A little competition involving baked goods, chocolate, and Honda as a delicious prize.

Read fic...Collapse )

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