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Small Ficlet-dealie ^^;;

Erm, dedicated to RK-chan, since she offered the prompt... methinks, I am on a mission now; erm, but let's hope I can keep up with it =3 *hides*

Title: Untitled (^^;)
Fandom|Pairing: YuGiOh|Uh, this pairing doesn't seem to have a name... so, erm, I'm just gonna deem it "Punkshipping"(if it's already taken, darn) but yeah... Honda/Bandit Keith ^^;;;
Rating|Warning: G... pretty tame, very vague violence, uh, mild language(?); erm, nothing too intense to handle ^^ *ducks*

Disclaimer: Takahashi Kazuki created the series, so the characters are his ^^

This kid was a nobody.

Keith didn’t give a rat’s ass about this kid.

Yet this kid had managed to rile him to the point that Keith wanted to beat him senseless.

Unfortunately, as soon as Keith threw the first punch, connecting hard with the kid’s jaw, it only resulted in getting kneed fiercely in the gut.

Worse still, as Keith straightened up, the kid turned his head, his eyes never leaving Keith’s, as he spat blood to the side; it was endearing.

“Who’re you again?” Keith asked, his hand pressed against his already-sore stomach.

“Honda,” the kid replied roughly.

Done. Already? Yep. Yay ^^;;

Annnnnnnnnnd, that's it ^^;;; onwards, lusty gentlemen! More or less? =3 *flees*
Tags: fanfiction
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