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Whacked out shonen-ai dream..

Last night, I dreamed first about a hamster that kept crawling around and getting hidden before coming out from some other place, inside an upgraded version of that room from my latest worm-dream.
The dream I woke from was a story about Younger!Rasputin (Anastasia, Disney) resistantly developing a silly crush on Grown-Up!Tristan (Yu-Gi-Oh!, anime) who's at first playing hard to get, as he spends all his free time lounging around on floaty-devices in pools & taking casual walks around, while Rasputin traveled through his own dimension which conveniently laid beside Tristan's which allowed him to glimpse Tristan & Rasputin would get all frustrated with himself and emo-ly/stubbornly storm off and continue on his way.
Tristan was portrayed like how that talented Bardicsidhe on DevART portrays him older & lightly scruffy & muscular & calm, only this version was a little less buff and a little more soft, and I think he had greenish (first season)-brown eyes. Rasputin kinda resembles Yami no Bakura, emo-ly pale/thin & with shoulder-length pale blond hair, though dressed in weird robe-y clothes & had an ugly face like Rasputin.- keep in mind I forgot exactly what he looks like &, at the time, I forgot what his plot/character was so when he & Tristan finally met up in Tristan's world, he shyly introduced himself as "Death," a.k.a. the Grim Reaper. I'm not sure if I'm recalling correctly but I believe he was a only a few years older (Rasputin = Yami no Bakura, in this dream definitely) & he was a troubled man attempting to inherit his father's (a.k.a. Previous Death) job with as little seems as possible and was doing fairly good with the busy/invisible role, his only flaw being his interest in Tristan.. who found this being interesting & cute. I guess now they're together/friends or something.
It was cute! I woke up with a lil' amused grin. I haven't watched the movie Anastasia nor Yu-Gi-Oh! in months/years, so what da heck?
Whaddya'll think of my dream? Creepy, cute, not interesting at all? Personally, I'm not sure what to think.. and I dunno why I didn't just dream about Yami no Bakura & Tristan.. unless I've run out of plots to dream about. Or, is it just pathetic that I frequently dream about gay cartoon characters and not problems 'cause my life's too easy/simple?
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