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Fanfiction site link

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to put a note here that I've moved/updated the Yugioh section of my fanfiction site. Almost all of the fic there is Honda-centric. (Seriously, I have about 30 Honda/someone fics at this point.) Mostly Kaiba/Honda and Honda/Bakura, with a bunch of other assorted pairings just for fun.

Most of it is old, but I do have one brand new fic called Sickness in Dreams. It's Bakura/Honda and a sequel to the Resemblance series if anyone remembers waaaaay back when I posted that. If you're interested in that, or Chocolate Covered Honda (yum), those series are a bit down the page. I hope the layout isn't problematic. ^^;

So yay for updates! Link is here. I hope there is something in my little (ha!) stockpile of Honda fic for everyone to enjoy.

In other news: It seems lots of other fandoms are having fun with anon kink memes. Would anyone else be interested in a Honda kink meme?

EDIT: Links should work now. I'm so sorry if you tried to go look at fic and got denied because of my typo-fingers.
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