yaoiness_kokoro (yaoiness_kokoro) wrote in hondaments,


Recently got back into YGO fandom (did I ever stop?) and am starving from the utter lack of KaibaxHonda.  Starved I tell you.  There are so many chaseshippings and....chaseshippings and hell, even buddyshipping seems so much easier to find for some reason.  And although both of these are great, I am seriously starving for KabaixHonda, especially Kaiba as seme if sex is involved.

Do anyone have any suggestions?  Please please please?  Most KaibaxHonda I find turns into HondaxOtogi. ><

I would especially love a relatively long and completed fic that has several chapters if possible.  Would seriously love you if you find that.  (Having said that, would probably seriously love you if you find a stubbornshipping fic that I havent' already read lol)

Please help!!!!  Suggestions please!!!!!  *dies from lack of stubbornshipping*
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