Foggy Pebble (Katherine) (foggypebble) wrote in hondaments,
Foggy Pebble (Katherine)

Protectshipping doujinshi?

Hey, I was wondering if anybody here was willing to put any protectshipping doujinshi they had on Tumblr and/or submit it to my protectshipping Tumblr. I don't know where else I could ask this. I got Blind Game Again from a website I forgot and Let's Go Hong Back Kingdom from Protective Vibes already. I would appreciate it if anyone who has doujinshi share it.

I am planning to purchase protectshipping doujinshi from doujinshi stores on ebay so I can scan and share it on my protectshipping Tumblr. If the artist of the doujinshi directly contacts me on Tumblr and can prove they're the actual artist I guess I'll take it down from Tumblr and be sad. I'm mostly wanting doujinshi so I can put it on my protectshipping Tumblr.

I am hoping that I won't have to buy protectshipping doujinshi and scan it all MYSELF because maybe SOMEONE ELSE has the same exact doujinshi and they're willing to put it online.

I'll try not to post anymore comments about my Tumblr on Hondaments after this here request.
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