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Wakey wakey, begs and achin'?

I figure with the holidays coming up, I shall taint the lovely Hondaments with writer's-block-induced fic... mwahahahahaha? No idea... but it might spur me on to write more block-y stuff =3 and that'll be a welcome change to doing nothing at all O.o;;

Anywho, nothing indecent, just G-rating, shounen-ai (guy/guy) stuff o_o;;

Protectshipping, I still miss it... but others are being made aware of its existence =3

Honda/Mokuba-ish?, or maybe just a crush... yeah, probably just a crush ^^ if it has a name, I can't remember what it is ^^;

That is all, hi again =3 *scurries*
Tags: fanfiction
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