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Courtesy of Miki ^^
Hondament [French]: adv. 1. To do things in a Honda-like manner.

eg. Il a dû parler hondament.

Hondament [French]: n. 1. Edible confection; usually found on the tongue.

Alright, first thing's first. "Cahoots!" What it means, you'll find out later on ^^ Pretty fast actually, as it'll be explained with pleasure.

Okay, second thing, this is an LJ Community, dedicated to Honda Hiroto, aka Tristan Taylor of the anime Yugioh. Anyone's free to join. But one thing has to be made clear. This is not a Honda-bashing community, moreover a 'We Love Honda' kinda thing.

That being said, the guidelines are as follows (Guidelines, because Rules just seem far too strict)... anyways, the 5 Guidelines are as follows:

H: There is to be absolutely no bashing, whatsoever. Considering the fact this is a Community for Honda fans, that should be considered a given ^^;;

O: Any sort of fanwork, fanfiction, fanart, must be clearly rated; G, PG, PG-13, R... or even, dare I say it, NC-17... we can't be letting the kids stumble into something inappropriate after all... And when posting large images or long entries, please LJ-cut them for the consideration of others.

N: Conduct of the members of the Community must be polite and courteous, etcetera. People's opinions are their own, so it would be appreciated if there were no attempts of changing someone's thoughts and feelings on pairings, characters, fics, writing styles, and such and such. Flaming is also frowned up, but that hardly needs to be said. This community is shonen-ai and het friendly so keep an open mind! ^____^

D: Patience is a virtue. No pressuring people for their work would also be appreciated. There are some ways to convince an author to write; offering bananas, or making deals, Nanashi and Rice Kracker's deal for example XD Feel free to jump in anytime, anywhere, with anything. stariceling, chez_maltesers, rice_kracker, and nanashi_o aren't as scary and intimidating as they seem... well, they don't act like that in general O.o;; hyperactive yeah, but they're nice and sweet enough...

A: Please do not use this community to crosspost items which are about Yu-Gi-Oh! in general and do not pertain specifically to Honda Hiroto in some way. If you want to advertise general fiction or icons, there are other communities for that. Entries considered to fall under this category will be deleted at the moderators' discretion.

And, that should do.

Oh yeah... and any Questions regarding the currently going Round Robin, 'Bananas', 'Cahoots', 'Donkeys', 'Giraffes', 'Plushie Orgy'*coughsorrycough*, can be directed to stariceling, chez_maltesers, rice_kracker, or nanashi_o. So, all that being said, enjoy the Community.

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